Our bundle of joy!

Yes thats right kevin and I are expecting! Our baby is due November 1st, 2008! We are very very excited. I have a feeling its a boy. Kevin doesn't really think one way or the other as far as the sex of the baby. We have had one ultra sound and will try and keep any pictures updated.


Ader Family said...

November babies are best.. Maybe your little one will wait until the 10th so we can celebrate together. :)

Josten and Sarah said...

SUUUUUZ! You have a blog! Yay! I saw it on this thing at the bottom of my blog that tells what websites people come to my site from, and I thought, "what is KSHammond?" DUH sarah! So I got really excited and checked it out! Yay! How are you feeling? I'm way excited for your little one to come! Keep me posted!


Brown Fam said...

Hey sis!! I'm so excited you started a blog...now if we can just get the rest of your family and mine in on the blog thing, that would be AMAZING!!!

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