ABC'S OF SUZI (stolen from Brynne)

A- ATTACHED OR SINGLE: Very attached.
B- BEST FRIEND: Kevin or Coarse Kristen too.
C- CAKE OR PIE: Probably Cake I love cake. . . but I totally love Mc Donalds Apple pies!
D- DAY OF CHOICE: Mm doesn't really matter
E- ESSENTIAL ITEMS: Deoderant for shizzle.
F- FAVORITE COLOR: Green always.
G- GUMMY BEARS OR GUMMY WORMS: Worms, the ones covered in sugar.
H- HOMETOWN: Coeur d' Alene, Idaho
- INDULGENCE: Today was a passion tea lemonade from starbucks. . and maybe some taco bell for dinner.
J- JANUARY OR JULY: July! thats just a silly question.
K- KIDS: One on the way. . Its name is Trey or Paislee.
L- LIFE IS INCOMPLETE WITHOUT: Kevin and the gospel
M- MARRIAGE DATE: March 25th, 2006
ORANGES OR APPLES: Oranges if they are ripe, Galla apples with Almond Butter
P- PHOBIAS OR FEARS: Freaking spiders, Heights, The dark.
Q- QUOTES: "Your number still 911? ALLLrighty then!"
R- REASON TO SMILE: Will have a baby soon.
S- SEASON: Spring and Fall are my favorites.
U- UNKNOWN FACT ABOUT ME: I would really like to be able to sing. It will just never happen.
V-VERY FAVORITE STORE: Target, Mac, Aero, Victorias secret.
W- WORST HABIT: Cussing for sure
X- XRAY, ULTRASOUND, OR MAMMOGRAM: Ultrasounds. . . another stupid question!
Y- YOUR FAVORITE FOOD: Right now I need taco bell. But I love Spaghetti, Mexican, Sugar free jello, Pizza, Slurpees! Fruit. I have been really wanting some Cantelope lately.
Z- ZODIAC:Cancer. . I am a crab thats for sure.

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Josten and Sarah said...

Suzi, I just love you! That's about all I have to say about that. Hope you're feeling well! When do you find out the gender?

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