Ice Cream

Lately I seem to want ice cream all the time. It was an easier fix in boise. . . I knew once a week the ice cream truck would come by. . but here in Salt Lake there are no Ice cream men. I told Kevin that would should start an ice cream truck together this summer but he thinks there would be no profit seeing how I would eat it all. Its not out of control cravings or anything like that. I actually made a rule so its only once a week. . . but since we moved here there are at least 4 different places for the yummy treat within three blocks.n (Baskin Robins is my favorite!)

I have been meaning to post some new pictures but not sure how to do that on someone elses computer! I will soon though I promise. I miss you all. . . but we will be back before we know it!

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Lars said...


You should try Squirrel Bros. and Spoon Me. Both are on 400 S. and very yummy. Hope you are enjoying SLC.

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