Our top ten favorites

Lyza I stole this from you.

1. wife and unborn child
2. Boise State Football (blue turf)
3. Air Jordan basket ball shoes
4. Ocean
5. Golf
6. Big roller coaster
7. Merrits
8. Swimming
9. Traveling
10. Whopper with Cheese and no pickles

1. Kevin
2. Shoes and purses
3. Make up
4. Ice freaking cream (especially from the ice cream truck)
5. Baking
6. Making home made cards
7. Clean sheets (down comforters!)
8. Movies, mainly just the quotes
9. Road trips to Cd'a
10. Pictures

Baby #1:
1. Sleeping
2. Making mom sick, but not on purpose
3. Candy (mambas an jolly ranchers)
4. Bike rides
5. Sleeping


Walker Family said...

Copy cating is the best form of flattery!

Josten and Sarah said...

Suuuuz Hey sorry I missed your calls, the phone didn't even say you called! I must have been on the other line or something. But I forgot your phone number, I still only have Kevin's, so I will call you back, but I may call on Kevin's. Also I have a really funny story to tell you!

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