I find it interesting to know what other pregnant women crave. I was standing in line at subway the other day and the lady in front of me was pregnant, so I was watching her sandwich being made, just to see what she likes. It was smothered in bacon, cheese, and pickled anything. I laughed. Mine was not that far off. So here are some other things I have been craving.
6 inch turkey on wheat with provolone cheese, southwest sauce and lots of veggies

Banana on bottom Coke flavor on top.

Jamba Juice
Aloha pineapple.

red baron pizza
with a small side of ranch please

Either with ranch or Cream Poppy Seed dressing.

fruit arrangement
Mainly Melons. . . or Apples with peanut butter.

I actually don't really prefer sugar cereal. I like Toasted Oatmeal Squares, Cheerios, and Rice or Wheat Chex. With skim milk.

macaroni and cheese
I have never had it home made, but I may try it soon.

What did you crave during pregnancy?

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Amanda said...

I didn't necessarily have any Cravings, but its kind of funny because I couldn't stand subway, mac n cheese and baked beans. It took me a good year to eat subway after I had cody. I was never very hungry when I was prego. I had to set reminders to eat or I wouldn't. After the baby... was a whole other story!! I couldn't find enough food!

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