I am very proud to say that Kevin felt our baby kick for the very first time tonight!!! I noticed that if I lay half on my side half on my back with my legs straight, it seems to drive the baby crazy, he'll kick really hard. So I told Kevin to just rest his hands there to see if he would happen to feel it. As soon as the next kick happened Kevins eyes lit up! I was so excited. He felt one more little one after that. I didn't think it would happen for a while longer, but I was wrong. YAY!!!


Amanda said...

how fun. I remember that pregnanct was kind of boring until Chris could enjoy it a little bit with me. Make sure you share that with him as much as you can.
Too soon and the baby will be here

Brittany said...

So....I've had your old email for ever and no wonder I could never get in touch with you! I am in Idaho now for a little bit and saw your mom. She gave me your blog address! Congrats on the wedding and baby! I am in FL and Alan is going to Dental School...no kids yet, just staying busy.

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