Loves and Hates of Pregnancy

I love when I first found out I was pregnant. So excited I couldn't believe my eyes.

I hated the beginning of pregnancy when you spend half your time bent over the toilet or cleaning up the puke that didn't make it to the toilet.

I loved reading all my new books on what the baby looks like, whats growing, and the new exciting adventures.

I hated the fact that my baby in the pictures looked like a hamster.

I loved finally getting out of my first trimester.

I hated anyone else who was farther along than me, as if I was going to catch up. (just so competitive)

I loved hearing the heart beat for the very first time. So innocent and sweet.

I hate worrying constantly that something I ate, or did or breathed or anything would hurt my baby.. paranoia basically.

I loved the first time I felt my baby kick, its like he always reminds me he is there and doesn't want me to forget about him.

I hate that Kevin won't be able to feel it for a while still, even though I try to make him.

I love that my baby is growing so healthy and strong, bigger and bigger every week.

I hate that it means I have to get bigger and bigger every week, mainly because my old clothes don't fit which in my mind means FAT not pregnant.

I love thinking of when the baby comes how excited I will be to finally be able to hold him, love him, nurture him, and he will be ours. Not as if we are babysitting.

I hate thinking of after he comes and the struggle it will be to get back into regular clothing. . sigh.

I LOVE that we are having a boy, that will be a son, brother, uncle, husband, daddy, and best of all a sports fan.

I hate going to the baby section and seeing that having a girl would have been more fun with the clothes, although still glad cause boys don't care how "cute" they look.

Most of all I don't hate pregnancy, I really don't. I am so excited to add onto our family, to see the example he will set for us, to teach him, and to love him.


Amanda said...

haha you are funny. About the girls clothes vs boys clothes comment... I completely agree! I still hate going shopping for Cody because there are so many cute girl clothes. I get so excited when my friends have girls though, I buy them all the cutest stuff!

Ader Family said...

I have no idea what it's like to be pregnant, but I'm glad you stole the Love/Hate idea from my blog!! Which I actually read yours before I saw your comment. :)

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