My Husband

1- What is your husband's name? Kevin Wayne Hammond

2- Who said I love you first? I believe it was Kevin, I am bold, but I tried to make him say it before I did.

3- Who is taller? KEVIN, 6'3", he's huge. I am a shrimp!

4- Who is smarter? He is by far! I am more creative though, the kid doesn't have much for art sense at all.

5- Who is more sensitive? Suzi is, I mean I am. Kevin is sort of. . well cold hearted I should say, but not in a bad way!

6- Who does the laundry? I do most of the time but he always helps when I slack off.

7- Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Kevin sleeps on the right I am on the left, its a rule. Actually I just like having control of the remote, alarm clock, and being closer to the air conditioner. Kevin doesn't care, he just wants his back scratched.

8- Who pays the bills? We both do. I forget one month so he does it, and vice versa.

9- Who cooks more? Hmmm its a close tie. Kevin I would say does more of the cooking, but I do all the baking. So. . yeah.

10- What meals do you cook together? Spaghetti, he does meat I do noodles. We do bread and Salad together. Or when I bake cookies we take turns on who has to put the new dough in the oven and scrape the other cookies off.

11- Who is more stubborn? I am!!!

12-Who is the first to admit they are wrong? Who said anyhting about me being wrong!? Just kidding. I don't know I would need an outsiders perspective on that.

13- Who is more clean? Its a toss up. I would say kevin is more clean and I am more organized. He always cleans kitchen and living room and I get bedroom and bathroom. Always.

14- Who has more siblings? I do, 6 brothers. He has 2 brothers 2 sisters.

15- Who wears the pants in the relationship? Depends on the subject. I would say that Kevin does although I am bossy, and I get my way easily.

16- What do you like to do together? Lots of stuff. Golfing, bike rides, playing catch (football or baseball), raquet ball, Uno!, sleeping, watching movies, talking.

17- Who eats more sweets? I would say that we are pretty even for size. I eat one cookie he eats 4. He's huge though! But he loves Brownies more where I love ice cream!

18- Guilty Pleasures? Michael Jordan Shoes, anything having to do with sports, sports video games, memorbillia, ESPN. That sort of thing.

19- How did you meet? Singles ward in Boise.

20- Who asked who out first? We more just hung out as friends for a solid month til we realized why we were spending so much time together.

21- Who kissed who first? Kevin kissed me, but I more dared him just to see if he would actually do it.

22- Who proposed? Kevin of coarse!

23- Best features? Gorgeous Teeth and Eyes. I wish I could have his eyes.

24- What is his best quality? He is just my best friend. He's so easy to mess with and talk to, but he can be serious as well. Understanding and forgiving. I love him!

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