Adventures of Cd'a and More

We got to visit Cd'a this weekend. It was so nice! The weather was absolutely perfect (although not the best for swimming, but nice and cool). I got to have a quaint little baby shower, and I appreciate all the gifts and all who could make it! Thank you thank you! We are back in Middleton keeping an eye out for a place to stay in Boise, but in no hurry. Kevin started school again and is taking 19 credits, trying to hurry and get done. I started back at work at Napoleons cutting hair, its a nice break from the Sun Glass Hut. Just trying to keep busy and enjoy quiet nights before our baby boy is here.

Kevin saying hello to Son!

Independence Point. . . Cd'a Lake.

My Mommy and I

Dockside for Gooies!!!

The Parentals.

Dust Storm in Boise

Kevin's First day back to school.

Sarah C. and I

Baby shower!


Ader Family said...


How IS Sara C???

I miss CDA!!

Amanda said...

I am glad your shower went well! You are looking mighty pregnant, but its a good look on you :) Bet you cant wait for baby to make his arrival. you look great!

The Erickson's said...

Looks like it was fun! I love the fall like weather. Man, your mom looks great. So do you! Cute belly.

Walker Family said...

Suzi, you are too cute! You kids are just living it up! thats good. . you will be glad you did after that bundle of hunger and poop arives.

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