Good Morning

What a good wife I am! Kevin has to get up around 5:30 a.m. every morning so that he can be at work by 7:00. So last night I watched the olympics til around midnight, then work up at 1:30 wondering who left the tv on (I do that a lot, but usually its the lamp and I'll say "who left the lamp on??"). So the alarm went off first thing this morning, and its on my side of the bed, and I rolled right over and shut it off. Kevin rolled over around 6:30 and said "Did you turn off my alarm?". I was half awake but still didn't really realize what I had done and said "Not on purpose!" He wasn't mad at all luckily and his work is really nice so he wouldn't get in trouble. I think because I slept so crummy last night I decided that he didn't need to be on time for work. Good times.

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