Survey Says!

You Can Only Type One Word,
Not as easy as you might think.
I tag Amanda, Theresa, and Kaylynn

1. Where is your cell phone ? Desk

2. Your significant other? Kevin

3. Your hair? Greasy!

4. Your skin? Soft

5. Your mother? AMAZAZING

6. Your favorite thing? Food

7. Your dream last night? Right. .

8. Your favorite drink? Soda

9. Your dream/goal? baby!

10. The room you're in? Bedroom

11. Your ex? stupid

12. Your fear? Dark

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Happy

14. Where were you last night? Home

15. What you're not? Organized

16. Muffins? COSTCO!

17. One of your wish list items? Elliptical

18. Where you grew up? Coeur d' Alene

19. The last thing you did? Packing

20. What are you wearing? Sweats

21. Your TV? Great

22. Your pets? Eww

23. Your computer? Ghetto

24. Your life? Awesome

25. Your mood? Great

26. Missing someone? Mom.

27 Your car? Packed

28. Something you're not wearing? Earings

29. Favorite Store? Target

30. Your summer? Warm

31. Like someone? Hubby

32. Your favorite color? Green

33. When is the last time you laughed? Today

34. Last time you cried? While

35. Who will you tag? Theresa

36. Whose Answers are you anxious to see? Theresa

37. Favorite Day of the week? Preference?

38. Last person you kissed? Kevin

39. How do you view money? Gratefully.

40. Last vacation you took? Coeur d' Alene

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