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#1. I wash our sheets once a week, always. It used to be every Monday morning, but since we don't live in our own place or have our own sheets for that matter its when I remember.

#2. I have to sleep with our closet door shut. I don't know why, that also goes for the bedroom door (thats unless its super duper hot!). I must be afraid the boogie man will walk by or something.

#3. I also always put away my shopping cart. I get so freaking ticked off when other people don't, especially if it makes it anywhere near my car.

#4. I have a certain order of "cleaning myself" when I shower. Get in rinse, Purple Shampoo (keeps my hair from going gold looking and it has to stay in for a few minutes), irish spring soap up but going from head to toe, rinse shampoo, conditioner, then sometimes I'll soap up again ( I am really B.O. paranoid), then rinse conditioner, followed by washing my face last. Its true I take really long showers but I love them.

#5. I tend to bit my lip when I concentrate, which is a lot. When I cut hair, when I think hard about something, when I am playing a sport. Its annoying and not cute. I first noticed this cause when I would wear Lip Gloss it somehow always ended up on my chin, and I thought it would just run til I caught myself. So no more lip gloss, I stick with chap stick.

#6. I used to be a decent graphite artist. I used to love to draw, or art of any kind really. I had some pieces in a few art shows. I think I lost the love when moving away from home. I usually did my stuff in a class, or with a friend. It seems like I don't like to do it alone as much or start off alone because I am so so so rusty.

6 people I tag are:
1. Theresa
2. Kaylynn
3. Sarah Cornett
4. Stephanie Ader
5. Lara Hartman
6. Keli Langston

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