3 Months AND...

My little Trey Trey turned 3 months old yesterday.
He's amazing.
I have good calm babies. If they weren't I wouldn't have them.
So Heavenly Father knows what he's doing here ;)

He's smiling more and more lately. He watches you across the room. Since birth I've been amazed at how well his sight is. It's like he was never a baby, he just watches you and looks and follows you around, but has since day 1.....very interesting...
(Look at those Kevin ear lobes Hammond Family.....dang you Grandpa!)
We've been trying the bumbo lately...actually it's a knock off brand bumbo, and he's not too fond of it. I wonder if it's the chair or just him. Look at how fat his little face is getting!
Notice anything different about Cody's room here??
Yes, if you said "Trey's crib is in there" you are correct!
They slept together last night for the first time ever. And did just as normal as ever.
WHEH.....I am glad.
Here is what Cody thought of it.....
.(he's saying CHEESE, which he always does when he see's a camera.)
Trey slept like his usual champ self.
I'm so proud of my boys.


Kourtney said...

They are the cutest! I am loving Cody's cheese face :)

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i don't think i've ever seen a picture with the two of your boys together...they look SO much alike, i can't believe it!!! congrats on moving them into the same room together. i love the BSU decor :)

Melissa said...

Ah! They are both SO cute!! I wish I could have met Trey before we moved. Shows what a great friend I am.

mrsmonje said...

they are both so cute and i want to squeeze them! Im glad them sleeping together has gone so well!

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