Am I the only one?

Do you know Ashley?
If you don't OMG she is hilarious!
She did this post, and I felt inspired to do that same.

Am I........

the only one who will hot glue and sew my bra back together in order to spend the money at taco bell instead of on the new bra?

the only one who has "Brinner" at least once a week?

the only one who say's she'll do laundry, wash and dry the loads, but never bother putting them away?

the only one who will move into a new place but not be barefoot for months because other people's carpet kinda groses me out?

the only one who uses her turn signal for a parking spot but not a road?

the only one who swore at church playing the organ?

the only one who cannot wait to go grocery shopping? I love the look of a neat and full pantry.

the only who knows exactly what they are going to buy someone for a gift, but then you go to buy and suddenly can't think of anything!?

the only one who likes Halloween more than Christmas because I don't have to get anyone anything other than Candy? Selfish!

the only one for cuts a cookie into pieces that way I feel like I can have 4 cookies and not just 1? But end up doing this on 3-4 cookies?

the only one who went to school to do what I always wanted, then when getting the job really didn't dig it that much? Good think Barber College was only 6 months!


Brown Family said...

haha..not the only one on several of those accounts! Love your blog. love you!

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

This is awesome! And NO you are not the only one on soooo many of these!!! I never put my laundry away, I ALWAYS have brinner and I LOVE having a fully stocked pantry!

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