The Feature and a giveaway!

I am proud today to feature my friend Vanessa.
(you can visit her at her blog also)
She is truly amazing, and I always want to be more like her.
She is stylish, a new mommy, talented, and most of all kind.
Her daughter Olive is the sweetest, most chubbalicious baby you'll ever encounter....

1. I tend to love other's fashion and style. Where does yours come from?

My husband. I used to wear really plain, neutral, conservative, blah clothing. And I used to turn up my nose at his recommendations--they were a little too "unsafe" for me. One day he convinced me to buy a pair of heels with the pointy toes. I had hated the look of them initially, but grew to love them over time. Now I can't get enough of the dang things. I found that I was getting A LOT of compliments when I wore the clothes he had selected. So I changed my way of thinking and tried to ask myself, "WWKC," or "What Would Kevin Choose?" But just to be sure, I still have him go shopping with me.

2. You have UH MAY ZING quilting skills. The color's and patterns you pick always seem to be flawless, do you think that skill helps when you are dressing yourself?

I think it is actually the opposite. I think because my eyes have been opened to more bold patterns and colors in my wardrobe, I love taking risks on the color palettes I choose in my quilts. I don't think I have made a pastel baby quilt in a long time.

3. What is your favorite article of clothing? What do you tend to buy the most of?

My favorite article of clothing would have to be my gray skinny jeans. Thank heavens they fit again! (I just had a baby). There always seems to be room for another pair of shoes in my closet. I think I love shoes so much because they can spruce up the plainest outfit. And I especially love sassy pairs of shoes like ones with animal prints or skins.

4. Where is your favorite place to shop?

I am addicted to H&M. And Forever 21. And Victoria's Secret when I can afford it. I have a really cute plaid ruffle top from there that is several years old but I still wear frequently.

5. Do you think being a new mommy has cramped your style? I mean as far as clothing...

I don't think motherhood should be an excuse to cramp your style. In the final month of pregnancy, I ACHED to be able to fit in my clothes again. So I'm not taking that for granted now. And even though I may be home with the baby all day, I still like to look hot for my husband

Vanessa was kind enough to be doing a
free custom stitchery for a giveaway.
SO CUTE, right??
To enter to win you must go over to her Etsy Shop and tell me which item is your favorite.

You will just die over all the quilted goodness.

You have 1 week to enter. Next Monday I will pick the lucky winner.

Good luck to you my friends.


stokes_travis said...

I am lovin that chocolate huckleberry baby pinwheel quilt!! "I'm your huckleberry"

Kami @ Everyday Heaven said...

I am completely in love with the stitched wall hanging. So cute! I may have to get a little quilt for our new baby!

Mimi said...

You are something else!! Love your fun blog. I love the Huckleberry Baby Quilt - gorgeous!! Thanks for the chance - the stitchery is beautiful too!

Blake and Erin said...

Vanessa is one of the most beautiful, talented, people I know too! I love everything she does, but my absolute favorite is the apron! I LOVE it!

Stew and Lindsey Campbell said...

So cute! I didn't know Vanessa was such a pro quilter!! I think the chocolate huckleberry baby quilt is SO adorable!!


erica said...

i adore the chocolate huckleberry baby pinwheel quilt!

Cody and Valerie Walker said...

I love Vanessa and I love her many talents!! My favorite items are the stitched wall hangings- so creative and adorable!!:):)

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