how to: be a CHEAP date.

1. Ask your besties Kyle and Kourtney to come over and watch your children.

2. Go to the grand opening of Port of Subs which you LOVE! For $2 subs.
3. Check the mail before you go on date, see the "FREE" Winco coupons and then call all the ladies in your neighborhood and go get there's. After devouring delicious sub sandwich drive to Winco with husband and redeem free goodness.
(Not a joke, this was all 100% free)

4. Go home for sugar free jello goodness for your dessert.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

whhhhaaaat!?!? how did you get that stuff for free!? teach me girl!
are you getting free stuff b/c you have been out $30 for the past few weeks...months....... aaah!
your money is IN THE MAIL today. i promise. i really wanted to buy that ear warmer, but thot i better wait til i get you the money for the older stuff. ha!!!

mrsmonje said...

im jealous of all your free shiz!! THere isnt a winco here sadly :(

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