It's getting old

What's getting old?
The way I feel about hair.
I really wish I could care less about it.
But it's usually the first thing I notice about peeps.
Like Ashley here, she doesn't know me, but I love her long caramel locks...
Or Miss Zooey Dechanel
She really doesn't know me, but I love her rich dark hair.
Blunt bangs.
And her great blue eyes.
Why must that grass always be greener?
I pretty much have decided that I am more of a "short hair" kinda girl.
It looks better on me, and it's not a lot of work.
Besides whenever I do something new, it usually ends up back to the way it was...
Bangs-grown out
Colored brown-bleached back to blond
any sort of length-cut
Oh well. I am fine with that. I don't think it will matter when we all die what our hair was like anyway. I doubt the judgement bar will be covering that before we get to heaven...

None the less I have realized that Trey and Derek here have the same hair
and are both really really ridiculously good looking...


ashley in wonderland said...

hey thanks!!! that made my day.
caramel is fun, but i still miss my blonde so think long and hard before you take any leaps--it took me 4 years to get up the courage :)

Norm and Jan said...

Derek? I thought that was Ben Still??

mrsmonje said...

I hate my hair too so I feel your pain! It is so thick and so much freaking work that I rarely bother with it!

Brynne said...

I have the same wish to not care, my friend. I notice everyone's hair and I always want to change mine. I wish we could dye our hair whenever we wanted without it frying and have unilmited amounts of extensions. :)

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