Uncle Kelly Visits..

My brother Kelly came to visit us this weekend.
It's nice to have him around for shizzle..

Kevin took Cody to his usual Saturday morning football.... Then later that afternoon they went over to Kyle's house for the BSU game...I stayed home to let the boys nap...good choice..
I also managed to make one of these.....
I love how from far away you can't see mistakes.
Cody found our table top ironing board and assumed it was a surf board...
Kelly was snuggling with Trey
I love this kid.....he's not a huge fan of the camera all up in his bidniss
After devouring taco's and putting the kids down we all relaxed for a movie. We were up til 1 am! I have not been up that late in years....whimp..
Of coarse we watched Cars about 15 times.. But Kevin said the snuggles were worth it
We met up with Kyle, Kourtney, and her Mom Vicki for Frozen Yogurty goodness.
Sugar Free Blueberry and Pomegranite for me, Chocolate and Cheesecake for Kevin.
I snuck in a few cookie dough bites....NAUGHTY
Kelly didn't realize how much yogurt he served himself.
No room for toppings.
Our family..
I love you Kell Bell! Come again soon!


Norm and Jan said...

Nice post!! Love that Cody thinks the ironing board makes a better surf board! Too cute!!

mrsmonje said...

Loved the post :) i really want some frozen yogurt now!!

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