Wow. Really?

We are saving money to visit Kevin's sister for Thanksgiving.
So this means no money spending once again.
I decided to wander target for window shopping for Christmas.
I gathered change and bought Cody popcorn and a soda for myself.
On our way out I knocked over my soda in the parking lot with Trey's seat.
And began to cry.
Pathetic I know.
It must be one of those days.
I may very likely put in a chick flick during naptime
have 1 reeses cup
and cuddle my sleeping baby.
Because I think I need it.
Fold yourself laundry, I am BUSY.


stokes_travis said...

I love your honesty! I can relate to the tears. AND you ALWAYS crack me up .. let me know if you figured out how the laundry can fold itself. -Lisa

mrsmonje said...

thanks for sharing and good for you for taking time out for yourself every once in a while! hope your day got better!

Melissa said...

Very true, every once in awhile laundry really does need to fold itself. I had one of those days on Monday. I seriously sat in the corner of the living room of our new place and cried. . . I feel ya

She Ra Princess of Milk said...

lol!!! I save up change and really cherish the purchase... Im sure Id sob too if I knocked over my soda prize.... huggggs and hope you cheered upx I know the baby cuddle helped :)

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