For Mama

Dear Mom,

I think you are the worlds greatest mother, and this you knew. I've been neglecting my house more and more lately since we had our talk. You know the one where you said my kids would grow and leave but my house never will?

So here are some pics for your viewing pleasure.

much much less tantrumish lately, I didn't say they were gone, just getting better.
he's been talking a lot lately.
Kevin was driving and sort of gunned it while Cody was taking a drink, which of course spilled all down the front of him.....he said
"Ahhh I spilled.....Fix it!"
Which means he wants me to wipe it all off.
Oh my Tree.
I love this baby.
He's a finger sucker. Just like his Uncle Kelly.
Not that he doesn't take a pacifier, but he will gladly take those 2 fingers anytime.
And he is quite handsy!
You can't leave anything too close to him, he will snatch it up.
Still sleeps swaddled.
Never had formula.
Proud Mama.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

your boys are ADORABLE!

Norm and Jan said...

Well my darling girl, THANK YOU. What a great post! You have such a precious family! Love those pix of sucking the fingers!!

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