If I had to choose

During nap time I decided to watch Bride Wars.
I love that movie.
I always laugh and cry.
Then again, I cry during every movie, which is why I watch them alone.
Any who.
I have always sorta had a girl crush on Kate Hudson.
She is adorable!
But Anne Hathaway....she is gorgeous.
I thought, who would I choose!?
They are so different.
Anne has the huge brown eyes, pale skin, red full lips.

Kate Hudson has the tan skin, blond hair, and killer smile.....
So my question is.....who would you choose and why?

Let me know.


Brown Family said...

ha! you are too funny! but to answer your question, i'd choose kate. anne reminds me too much of a old not so great friend from high school.

Norm and Jan said...

Kate -- hands down---she's the real deal!!

Kelsee said...

I love Kate. She's such a cool girl. She's funny, crazy, down to earth, is very genuine. Love her. But Anne is like the Audry Hepburn of our time. She is timeless, almost like a porcelain doll, just so perfect. But Kate seems like she would be down for anything. So fun. Love that movie too.

Jenae @ Wildflower said...

Oh I love kate!
BUT Im going to have to choose Anne!
Because she was in the movie "Princess diaries" that I just loved growing up! I looked up to that Geeky Mia who turned into a beautiful Princess!

Simply Amy said...

I love this! Kate, I think is so beautiful!

kaylynn said...

ANNE!!! She is so hot and real and sweet and funny. Kate reminds me too much of not nice girls from a certain area:)

LauraHurst said...

Anne. She's a classic beauty.

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