Incase you were wondering

I get so tired of insecurities.
I do!
God created each and everyone of us, and we are all beautiful.
Although sometimes I think...I wish I could change.....or I wish I was taller....

I am no longer a natural blond which bugs me at times, but thanks to bleach, I've altered since I was 12 years old......

I used to really really hate my scar.
The one beside my nose.
I know you've seen it, but I forget it's there now.
Also I wish I had nicer teeth, but at the same time, I like mine because they are different.
I was in a bike accident when I was 14.
I literally got up after I wrecked and tried to walk home.
But thankfully my body went into shock.....
I broke my arm...a totaly snap.
I knocked my 2 front teeth back...waaaaaay back.
And got lovely road rash.....
At first it was hard, but scars fade over time, and I didn't wear much for makeup back then.
I remember the secretary at our school looked at me and said
"Oh honey, you've smeared some pencil by your nose."
As I pretended to wipe it off, walk away, and tried not to let it get to me...

So therefore I am done.
I don't care anymore.
The scar reminds me how lucky I am that I am here today, and that I have a beautiful family. That car could have hit me, and killed me.
So today I am thankful.

Instead of pointing out what we think is our flaws I would like to know what you like about yourself......

One of my favorite things is my freckles.
I really only have them in the summer, but I just love them.

What do you love about yourself?
Tell me!
Now, please.


Steph and Dave said...

Pretty much until a couple years ago. I hated being tall. I was taller than a lot of boys I stood out and people always said "your tall" drove me nuts. Over time I have learned that it is who I am. And I love it!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

oooh! wow! i never knew you were in a bike wreck like that. i bet that was scary for you and your mommma. you are BEAUTIFUL and i love your freckles!!! :)

She Ra Princess of Milk said...

Yes Im so glad youre hear now!! scar and all :) I love your freckles too :) Mine come out in the sun aswell!!!!! lemme see.... well I like my eyes but a bit of a spin, a "flaw" that I love is my csection scar.... although it wasnt planned that way and I hated it at first and what it symbolised (emergency csection) I now love it, its the smile where my baby came out :) Thank you for yet another lovely thoughtful blog xxx

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

I think you are so beautiful! Scars are stories of our lives--like laugh lines! And your freckles make me smile! Isn't it weird how we hold onto comments people make to us that hurt our feelings--for years--and they don't even realize it! I do the same thing!

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