Let me tell you about my job

What I love about my "job".....
I will always be 'on the clock' even on those days I feel like pulling my hair out :)

I get to change about 7-10 diapers a day

Will work for snuggles!

I am never judged for my appearance, the clients I work for seem to not even notice.

It doesn't matter where I am (store, temple, car,), I am still working.

If I ever want a bit of a treat, I have someone who always wants his half.

I have to be spontaneous, fast, and creative with everything I do.

I get to watch Cars, Shrek the 3d, and Toy Story whenever I want.

I also translate language for people.
(It took me about 2 weeks to figure out 'AH-BEE-DAH' was blanket)

Showering isn't always required, but after a good spit up or blow out...it can be.

Sometimes my "clients" throw themselves down in a screaming fit at the store, and somehow I still love them.

Snack time isn't just for my clients....I get string cheese, juice, sometimes candy, or gogurts too.

Just to name a few.


LP said...

I am loving that head of hair! So cute!

Kristen said...

can't wait!!

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