Letters to Random

Dear Trey,
Your Christmas gift came early.
I found this jumperoo for $15 on ksl.com.....and couldn't help myself....your brother used a johnny jumper but we don't have any doorways like that for you.
So enjoy!
Dear Kevin,
You were sick last week, then Cody was sick, now I am sick, and I fear that Trey is next.
I am glad you baby me when I am sick.
This snot dripping out of my nose like a faucet is getting old,
and also the neck and ear aches I could do without.
Dear Julie,
I hope this is what you meant by a "tiger beanie".
Here it is!
Don't show Greyson, I want it to be a surprise!
Dear Readers,
Doesn't this look like Trey?
It's Kevin, but at the exact same age.
We joke about how Kevin's ears have been the same size since birth.
I said to Kevin "You finally grew into your ears!" and he replies with
"Well maybe someday you'll grow into your teeth!"
And I burst out into laughter.
Dear Little Miss Momma (Ashley),
I did your necklace tutorial, except I made little flowers instead of pom pom's.
I can't wait to wear it, I mean outside of the house. When I am not in sweats, covered in spit up, and my own snail trails.....
P.S. I've been thinking about doing a hat giveaway soon.....so we will see.


Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

Hehe, you are so funny! This is such a cute post and I love your neckalce! Love this idea, so doing this in an upcoming post :) thanks girl!

mrsmonje said...

please oh please have a give away! Im dying to win something lol

Anonymous said...

Love love love the hat way cute! Grey will be the talk in that! thanks

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