the proposal

Kevin and I started dating in May 2005. By the time December rolled around and I was kinda expecting a proposal, because in 'mormon' terms he was taking his time. I was flying back to Coeur d' Alene for Christmas on the 23d, so he offered to take me to the airport, but before he did we were going to open Christmas gifts in the afternoon.

I got up that morning, packed up my bags and was getting ready for the day, then got a call from Kevin and he said "I left you a present on the doorstep" and I honestly thought it was CANDY, so I bolted for the door, swung it open, and there Kevin stood. He skipped work and took me to breakfast.

We gobbled down our biscuits and gravy and headed off to open gifts. He took me to tablerock in Boise, which is the overview of the city. We had talked about opening gifts there so I didn't see a question being popped that day.

He parked the car and told me he had something really special for me, but I had to wait in the car and close my eyes. I did, and thought 'hmmm maybe he is proposing afterall!' he covered my eyes and walked me out to my surprise. Off came his hands which revealed......GOLF CLUBS! GOLF CLUBS!? I didn't even golf! What the hell...... then he said each pocket had it's own gift. I bolted off searching for a ring...pocket after pocket there was no. damn. ring. Boo.

We sat on the bench that has the view and chatted for a little bit, he said he had 1 more gift left in the car. I lit up inside...FINALLY THE RING! He came walking back with 2 little wine glasses and sparkling cider. I felt like smacking him upside the head with the bottle. As I turned over to open the bottle he knelt down and said "there's one more thing" while opening the ring box.
Then my friends....then he proposed.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

awwww! what a cute story. i don't think i have ever heard that before. you guys are so cute!

Simply Amy said...

what a sweet story!

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