Ranting and Bragging

I finally saw ECLIPSE!
I know, only 6 months later.
I am sorry but Bella is such a hussy.
By the end of the movie I was done....felt like I lost 6 months of my life.
I don't mean to be rude, but it kinda drug on forever.
We had snow 2 weeks ago.
No we have nothing.
Which I don't mind really.
But a white Christmas would be delightful.
Nutter Butter cookies are the best store bought cookie ever.
Nuff said.
I made this adorable hootie beanie.
I know that Inner Hooker has a pattern...
but I don't use patterns well.
I had a friend walk me through the ear flaps, then I winged the rest!
Woot Woot!
Or should I say....HOOT HOOT! HA
Usually once a week I get to wander Target with Erica.
Who Cody has a crush on.
He also gets a popcorn.
Lucky guy.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

That hat is so stinkin cute. I can't believe you winged it!!! You are uhmayzing!

p.s. nutter butters are SICK. i am gagging right now just thinking about it!

Kelsee said...

I was not a fan of Bella in the third one either. Even in the book I skipped over her inner monologue just because she was annoying. I did like the fight scene though, but her ring that Edward gives her is not what I had thought it would look like and was a little ugly to me. And that hat is SO CUTE!

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