5 Favorites

I have a really hard time picking a favorite...anything.
Like I am afraid to commit to saying I love one thing forever...minus Kevin.
As if I were in grade school and someone would call me a liar.
So I have narrowed it down to 5 of my favorites.
And I will do this from now on, with everything.

Today is food.
My top 5 favorite....at least for this week.

1. Nacho Cheese Chalupa {taco bell}
Cheap and disgusting OR salty and delicious?
Either way I am sure it will kill you.
2. Chicken Salad with jalepeno ranch {cafe rio}
Um. HELLO. I would trade my soul for it. Gladly.
It should be called 'better than sex salad'.
Don't get offended!
It was a joke!
3. Chicken Scampi with extra roasted garlic {olive garden}
You may want to not talk to anyone in person for about a week.
You know, cause of the breath it will leave you.
But it's worth it.
4. Brushetta Chicken Sandwich {red robin..YUMMM}
Plus it comes with garlicy fries.
5. Cashew Chicken with Steam White Rice {szechuan garden, Sandy, Utah}
There isn't much to be said. Except. Yum.
What are your favorites?


LauraHurst said...

2-buttered toast.
3-cereal and toast.
4-toast covered in nutella.
5-toast dipped in yogurt.

capperson said...

1. Citrus Grilled Chicken from Longhorn
2. Teriyaki Steak from Logans
3. bread-outback
4. salad with honey mustard - outback
5. orange chicken - hong kong cafe

Lori Killian said...

Yum! Taco bell. My husband won't go there with me so its been a while. But now I really want some.

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

Orange Chicken-Panda Express
Anything from TCBY
Tour of Italy. It's a little bit of everything. Some lasagna, chicken Parmesan and creamy fettuccine Alfredo. Amazing-Olive Garden
Grilled Shrimp N Spinach Salad-Applebees
And of course anyone who is from or lives in North Idaho knows that Dockside has the best gooeys and desserts every. I love desserts.

DoubleTheLove! said...

Yum, that Cashew Chicken with Steamed White Rice looks delish! Most of the others I cannot eat unfortantly due to being alleric :( For now my mouth will just water at the pictures, hehe.

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