and what were you doing this morning?

I make really good babies.
You see I have this deal where if I keep getting good babies...
I'll have many.
But once I get a baby who cries or doesn't sleep.
We. are. done.

Trey is a great baby.
As was Cody.
Trey sleeps anywhere from 8-10 hours a night.
After he wakes I put him in our bed so I can nurse while laying down.
This was done this morning.
I heard him fill his pants with kaka.
As I was sitting up he vomits alllllll over.
I mean it.
Then I changed diaper and shizzzle covered everything else.

By the way do you watch Rules of Engagement?
You should.
I am sure it's a little too crude for some, but there is no such thing with me.
It is hilarious.
Fine, don't watch it, see if I care.
Although you might want to reconsider.
Patrick Warburton is in it.
You know him.
He's the voice of everything.
He's known for 'the voice'.
I could really use a cupcake.
I would take any flavor, but if you can't make up your mind...
Then I would take VaNIElla or Red Velvet.
From the sweet tooth fairy.
I said please.
That is all.


Amanda said...

I think blow out diapers are hilarious. Gross at the time, but pretty funny later.

Michelle (www.thereallifemom.blogspot.com) said...

OH know! I think it is hilarious that you got a photo of the explosion. I have totally been there...I remember holding my daughter one time when she was sitting and then realizing that my jeans felt wet....Lets just say that that explosion covered her, me, the chair and the floor and of course the hubs was out of town....go figure. Hope your little one is feeling better!

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

Awwww, poor baby!
I hate when they get sick...except i love cuddles!

btw: i think you have the most amazing writing style!

ashley in wonderland said...

those cupcakes look toooo cute to eat!

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