Bragging Rights

I think once in a while it would be good for us all to brag.
And I don't mean the 'in you face!' type.
I just mean share good news with each other.
I am having a good day today so I thought I'd count a few blessings.....

My sons are starting to like each other!
Well, Cody always liked Trey, but Trey didn't feel the same....
Now they play catch (Cody hands T a ball and then takes it from him).
And Trey never ever takes his eyes off his brother.
I officially weigh less now than I did in High School.
And I can't be any more happy about it!
Although I need to start working out because I feel weak and somewhat flabby.
But it's all good!
I don't know if I should share this yet....
but what the heck!
I got called to teach in Relief Society.
I think so.
But I am pretty excited about it.....and nervous.
And lastly....
I have not had a ticket in ......
5 years!
If you knew me from 2004-2005
I got 4 speeding tickets within 8 months or so.
Now I have a clean record.
What is good for you today?
What's making you happy?
Now I am off to devour tacos for lunch....NOM NOM NOM NOM.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

congratulations on the weight thing! you look great!
Annnnd... i had four tickets in 1 year too. i have a lead foot at times. the cop said if i got one more that year they would suspend my license. yikes!

p.s. that picture of your cute boys is priceless. i bet they we will be best friends as they grow!

Tyler & Katie Rice said...

nice! you look great!

Anonymous said...

suzi ur loooking hot good job wish I could say the same. I am having a good day cause Grey is better! first time in 2 weeks and what did I do to celebrate this...... Took him for his first hair cut! Julie

Tasia said...

Congrats on your new RS calling! I bet you're going to be an awesome teacher!

You look great! &your boys are so precious!

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