a few tips

I don't live a glamorous life.
Like at all.
I've thought about doing those daily outfits posts like you see on some blogs.
Buuuuut...it would be like
Shirt : Boise State T-shirt with crystal light stain
Pants: Old Navy Jammie pants from best friend
Hair: Not sure, I never glanced in the mirror

It's cool though. A small sacrifice I am willing to make. I mean I could make the time, but ehh. I'd rather just not worry too much about it right now. When my kiddos are all grown up and I am feeling alone, I'll start thinking more about what to wear and what color eye shadow then.

Beauty Tips from yours truly.....

1. Baby powder.
I learned this from my Mother. It's more for blonds.
Skipped the shower and have greasy hair?
Sprinkle some baby powder in your hair brush.
The powder absorbs the oil.
You can shake it into your hair but when you get it on your scalp it looks funny.
2. Don't wash your face.
Okay that's just me.
I only shower every other day or every third day.
I don't wash my face at night, only in the shower....every 3d day.
And I use irish spring.....
Which brings me to my next tip...
I cannot stress this enough.
I strip all the oils in my skin with drying soap, but it keeps my skin clear
So I slap on tons and tons of facial lotion.
I use to equate walmart brand of Olay.
It has SPF 15 in it....
4. Drink more water
This is a preaching to the choir kinda thing.
I preach it, but I need to follow my own advice!
There is no such thing as too much.
Especially considering how much diet soda I drink.
5. Laughter
I would waaaay rather have feet from laughing than frown lines from getting pissed.
Although I could also take my own advice here too :)
I love it when you laugh so hard you get tears.

On Sunday during Sacrament meeting Cody drilled a teenager in the back of the head with a bean bag, of coarse I was insanely embarrassed, but I couldn't hold in my laugh either.

I am sure it made a scene, but it was a good laugh.

What beauty tips could you share with me??


Michelle (www.thereallifemom.blogspot.com) said...

This is fantastic! I would say relax but I think that goes along with laughing!

Heather M said...

I Love this!!!

Lori Killian said...

The baby powder thing is such a good idea! I totally will use that. I also do the every other day shower thing...

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