Lame, but not always.

I was born and raised in Idaho.
Coeur d' Alene, Idaho to be exact.
I grew up in the exact same house til I was 17.
I lived with family for a while then moved to Boise.
At first I haaaated Boise.
I always got lost.
I couldn't seem to make decent friends.
Then I met Kevin, who became my friend.
A friend!
Let's be clear though I had no romantic interest in this kid.
Then of coarse we fell in love.
The rest is history.
Kevin and I lived in Boise for 3 plus years.
I lived there for 4 years total.
You know what the bummer is?
We left.
Kevin got a job here post school and we moved.
Because it's where the job is.

At first I haaaaated Utah too.
It's grown on me, especially where we live now, our ward, neighbors, ect.
But at times I still miss Idaho.

Yes. Really.
I really do try to suppress those feelings.
Not like I would leave our job and then just go back.
But just saying occasionally I get homesick.

And that is all.


Courtney said...

And Boise misses you. And, yep, we do too!

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

No No No She meant home like CDA JK I don't know which city you meant but I miss ya tons.

Norm and Jan said...

u r cute !

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