In the mind of yours truly

You see these Danskos?
They will be mine.
Very soon.
I could honestly eat a salad from Cafe Rio 3 times a week.
No problem.
Just sayin.
I went to the dentist this week.
Turns out I have 3 cavities.
I knew about 2 of them.
I've been sewing a lot lately.
It's because I've procrastinated a few projects.
Too bad it wasn't on this machine.
OMG so cute.
I always secretly want what I don't have.
Okay that's not a big secret.
Dang you Kate Hudson and your long beach curls
Why oh why must I want long stupid hair?
I got a new scent for my scentsy warmer.
It's called 'cupcake'.
Kevin came home from work and literally thought I baked some from the smell.
But I told him that was incorrect.
To which he was bummed.
But got over quickly.
That's all for now.


Norm and Jan said...

ijust saw that h/k sewing machine on line at sears today. crazy!

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

I have a friend that has those exact shoes how funny.

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