To do list

boobie feed baby
make delish dinner of chili and corn bread
skip the shower, yet again, man I a sick!
change lots of diapers
shovel driveway
sweep and mop
go to Ikea
Craft something cute
re-arrange living room 5 diff ways, then put it back how it was
drink more water
read lesson for relief society

And what did you do today?? Hmmm?


Kami @ Everyday Heaven said...

Well since you asked...

Prenatal yoga, Young Women's presidency meeting, swept and mopped, made pudding with Eli, and tried to keep everyone alive until Dan got home at 8:00!

Lori Killian said...

Hey... you have a to do list too!!! Awesome. I totally get what you are saying. Sometimes I really wish I had a maid. I feel like my life is consumed by cleaning... I always tell Kurt "someday when we're rich" yeah right. I wish.

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