Date Night

How to you go on a date with 2 sick kids?
Put them to bed and have someone watch tv at your house while you're gone.
Pretty Smart.

Let me tell you.
It said 12 degrees last night...
but I swear it was much worse than that...
We tried sushi!
The place is called Ginza {tue & wed are 1/2 price rolls}.
The skinny jean convention came in at the same time we did.....
No seriously. There were a group of 10 kidlets ALL wearing skinny's.
Guess I just wish my saddle bags looked better in them :)
This guy is pretty good to go on a date with..
Holy selection!
I was a little overwhelmed...
We only did 3 rolls.
California (our fav because we are nancy's)
Shrimp Tempura...my new Fav.
Spicy Tuna. No thanks.
And we finished the evening with shared cupcakes.
Annnd a glass of milk.
My thoughts on Sushi.
It IS good, but it's a trend for sure.
The soy sauce they had tasted like the salt shaker was dumped in there.....
Spicy Tuna is yucky (It was my third time trying it, at 3 diff places)
And I will probably succumb to the trend and keep going for 1/2 price nights :)


Jenae @ Wildflower said...

Those cupcakes look so yummy!!

Kourtney said...

Yay for tempura!! I'm so glad you liked your sushi (spicy tuna aside) :) Sushi and cupcakes make for quite the trendy date night! Glad you had fun!

BionicBotanist said...

I generally dislike seafood and shrimp and the like, but I LOVE shrimp tempura rolls. I can only eat a little bit before my brain remembers it's shrimp, but Oi! so yummy.

ashley in wonderland said...

you look gorgeous in that first picture! what pretty eyes :)

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

We will totally do some foam curlers when you come up in the summer. Those cupcakes look soooooooo good. I am not much of a sushi fan.

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