It's not for whimps

I think by now it's pretty well known that I do not like advice.
I don't mind giving YOU advice, but that's another story.

I mentioned before that we are hoping to be in a house by Christmas right?
I know I have.
We went into the bank and were pre approved for a home loan.
To make it even better we qualify for the 'first time buyers' program, so we can get in with little to no down payment.
It's so very very surreal.

I mean you dream of buying a house, but when it's actually time....
it's almost like we are playing pretend.
We pretty much have spent the entire last month on KSL or Utahrealestate.com
Searching for homes.
Seeing what we like and don't like.
It's a lot to think about.

Last saturday was spent actually looking at houses.
We saw this one in Draper.
I. Was. In. LOVE.
I love Draper.
I love the river rock and stucco.
I love the park across the street.
I loved the master bed and bath.

I hated the kitchen.
Not because I didn't like the colors, cabinents, or flooring.
It was like a closet.
And then I realized it had no dining room either.

We had to pass on it.
Here is the kitchen.
If you look at the bottom left area of the picture
you will see the 'bar' you could sit one kid at.

I know it will take a long time to find what we want.
This market in our price range is chuck full of short sales.
Which can be good and bad.
I know why so don't bother explaining to to me.
This pissy post was brought to you by the newest item in my Etsy Shop.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

seriously??!? that is SO exciting!!! you are going to be the best homeowner b/c you decorate so cute! :)
i am jealous that you get to buy in such a great market. we are so upside down right now! :(
good job you!! :)

Lori Killian said...

Yay!! Owning a home is AweSoME!!!! Good luck. You should buy in Idaho Falls!!! Move in next to me and then we can be friends. Okay? Okay.

Emily and Russell Petty said...

Congrats Suze! I hope you find the perfect home:) P.S. The headband is cute. You are so creative!

She Ra Princess of Milk said...

Golly!!!!!!!!! Im so excited for you! And I understand you being pissy but Im sure youll find something just perfect for you and yours, and I have faith, that what isnt perfect you'll turn your super creative hand to and make it just smashing :)

Whenever Ive bought a house Ive always fallen in love and then had my heart broken right before closing or something and ended up with the "runner up" only to find that I was glad God did that because turns out the runner up was really the perfect one all along.... God will put you where he wants you and it will be lush!!

Looking forward to watching your progress!!

Lots of love


Brynne said...

House hunting is so fun. :) I think it's good to be picky...after all, you'll only be in it, like, what? 24/7? Good luck!

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