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I have mentioned that I never liked my weight as a teen.
It was always a struggle.
But then I got married.
Put on the married 25-30 lbs!
And then I got pregnant!
I was in the process of trying to lose my married weight before getting knocked up.
When I stepped on the scale at the dr's office and saw those numbers...
I was in SHOCK.
I honestly couldn't believe I had gained so much.
Then at the end of Cody's pregnancy I was close to 200 lbs.
Which to some isn't that much BUT I am only 5 feet tall!
After Cody I think I snapped
...due to being in my own personal fat suit for 9 months.
I refused to hold onto that weight.
I lost the first 37 pounds by the time he was 6 weeks old
(all the pregnancy weight).
But then I had to keep going.
I wanted to lose at least 15 more.

I started doing weight watchers.
Which I LOVE and would highly recommend.
It was in the dead of winter so during nap time I would just do tae bo tapes.
It wasn't glamorous but I got it done.

I did it.
I lost 37 lbs then I lost 23 more.
Theeeeen I got pregnant with Trey.
I tried soooo hard to be careful about not over eating in his pregnancy.
I don't like using it as an excuse to stuff myself.
What's funny is I still gained 30 lbs :)
I gained 36 with Cody.
But my starting weight was a difference of 25 lbs.

Now I weigh even less than I did after Cody.
By about 6 lbs.
I need to tone up but some days I can't find the motivation.
It's always on my mind though.
I weigh myself morning (after I nurse and pee) to keep myself in line.
I watch calories and sugar intake.
Portion control too.
It's just really important to me to never let myself get that way again.
It's like when I look back at those pictures
(even though I was happy)
I hate seeing how heavy I was.
As if it were evil!

There are more important things in life.

But to me this is one of The. Most. Important.
I am thinking of trying P90X
(I've done it once before and it was DEATH)
Or even worse
I'll be letting you know :)


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

good luck! it SUCKS!

Mamma Corleone said...

I just read through some of your blog. Shame on me for being away so long. You're all grown up now. *sniff, sniff*

Lori Killian said...

Wow. You look awesome. I'm jealous that you are motivated to do that. I have p90x but haven't been motivated to try it. Maybe when it starts to warm up and I want to wear a bathing suit. We should start it together. I'm always more motivated when I start something with someone else. Like last summer my sister and I were going to do a half marathon but then she got pregnant so I never started running. Anyway... now that I talked your ears off go pick them up and I'll talk to ya later.

LP aka A Crafty Southern Chick said...

Suzi...an award for you! :)


Allison said...

OMG Suzi u look INCREDIBLE!!! and i cant believe for a second u got up to 200lbs because u've always looked great in every pic so u must hold ur weight very well. I struggle with my weight soooo bad. I have tried it all but the lowest i can get back down to is 198 and my heaviest was 227lbs!!! So u are giving me much more hope that i can have the strength to get to my goal of 165lbs! Its all Psychological with me-when i know i cant have something to eat i cant stop thinking about how bad i wanna eat it and then i end GORGING! But looking at how beautiful you are in the last pic and how happy u are to have lost the weight, i know i can do this and i want it sooo much more now too : ) Love ya girl and so proud of u!

Anonymous said...

Suzi your not my little sister anymore i think your as skiny as me now and thats weird... You look good and skiny:) I love ya

Emily and Russell Petty said...

Suze, I think you look GOOD! You are so cute!

erica said...

ah! I'm getting all caught up again on your blog . . . I should never stay away! You look ah-mazing!!! I think you should totally do p90x, only wait until I am back so I can do it with you. You're an inspiration!

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