Of genetics and giveaways

I've had completely decided that bed head is 100% genetic.
I've passed it to my kids.
Poor kids.
I've also decided from this picture that I could use some latisse or eye lash extensions.
I blame the red head father and the blond mother.
Also it's been decided that Trey has found true love.
I know it's not great to let babies play with them.
his nails are freshly clipped...not teeth...and he's so happy.
He's not let go of the thing for three days.
If he drops it, you may expect instant tears and sad lip.

Today is the last day you have to enter to win this hat.

The more entries I get the more I will want to do another giveaway very soon....
At this point I will just accept
any regular comment under that post.
Example: "I love your hats"
This goes for all of you who have already done all three ways to comment.

Good luck!


Whitney Renee said...

I looooove your hats!

Ashley said...

haha your blog is SO cute! lovvve love love those hats... i wish i could make them!

Tony McGurk said...

I used to suffer bed head but now I don't have enough hair for it to be a problem. Guess that's one benefit of getting old.

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