T Money is 6 Months!

Why does time have to fly SO quickly?
My goodness!!
I remember the contractions that last all night like it was last night.

Now that Trey Ham is 6 months he can:
Babble and chitter chatter
Blow's some seriously good raspberries
Roll over both ways
Attempting the 'sit up' but isn't there...
Pull his brothers hair in defense
Grab anything...he is veeerrrrryyy handsy
Sleeps anywhere from 2-12 hours
(each night varies, some nights 12 others...he needs a binky stuffed multipul times)

We are starting on solids as soon as his cold is gone,
but for now they suggested to hold off.

He is the sweetest little baby,
and can have quite a little attitude,
but nothing we can't handle.

Love you Trey!


mrsmonje said...

Funny you call him T Money... Eric calls himself EZ Money ahaha!! I love love love the last picture! Hes so cute!!!!

Heather M said...

I LOVE the pictures he is sooo cute, Time just goes by way to fast!!!

capperson said...

He is adorable!!! Love the pics and LOVE that you call him T Money :)

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

I love the pic of Trey in a white shirt and tie. So cute. I love his hair. I am slightly jealous because Charlie is still pretty bald.

She Ra Princess of Milk said...

Tee hee!! very cute!! I may have to copy that last post for Charlie's 6months bday on Thursday and the comedy glasses made me snort out loud!! Love the blog and youre gorgeous babies as always :)




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