Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors ass

She said the 'a' word.
Tisk tisk.

Guess what I bought?
Too much stuff.
Aren't you trying to save for a house?
Quiet you!
What are you my Mother??

This mirror was 4.98 at HEAVEN Target.
I know right.
Except I had no idea is was meant to hand wonky.
Every time I walk by I want to straighten it.
Like that hand print?
Me too.
I won't be cleaning it for a while.

This I did NOT buy.
Let's be clear.
I want it though.
Have you ever tried bare minerals?
I am thinking about it so please let me know.
Guess guess guess whaaaaat??

I bought this Mr. Mustache necklace!!!
For only $5!
Thank you SweetBlissBistro from Etsy!
I am in love!
They have the funniest and cutest necklaces in their shop.
You will not be disappointed for sure.

Do we have to be so negative?
Like I am one to talk!
But I loved the half time show from the super bowl last night.
I don't care if Christina Aguilera screwed up the lyrics...
I didn't even notice!
It's those fine details that will get ya.
And are we not loving Fergie's legs here?

Geez Louise!
Makes me wanna work out...


Kelsee said...

You can always take the hangers off of the mirror and reattach them so they are straight, I have done that. And as for the Bare Minerals, I loved them when I was working and could afford it, but you can get the same thing for a fraction of the price with the Physicians Formula loose powder foundation. It works just the same, you get the same effect and they actually have more things! Get a set of high quality brushes and you will be fine with the cheaper stuff. Plus, I LOVE their concealer that looks like it's in a tube of lipstick. Hides the mommy-dark-circles under your eyes. Love it! And I laughed when Christina messed up the lyrics and I also LOVED the half time show too. Way better than years past!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

maybe i will post a before/after picture. it is pretty incredible! :)

p.s. i hate p90x and i am never going to do it again!!! boo! :(

Whitney Renee said...

I looooove bare minerals I use it every day! My favorite makeup ever!

mstalcup said...

I too, want to try Bare Minerals. Every time I see the commercial on TV - I want to order. I have used Mary Kay for YEARS and did try their mineral powder foundation and it looked awful. I have huge pores so that's what I'm scared to try Bare Minerals. I would love to know if you decide to try it :)

LauraHurst said...

A-love bare minerals. haven't owned it myself, but lucky for me, i have a rich friend with the same skin tone as me.
2-your mustache necklace makes me envious

D-Love BEP, the show was great, they don't sound the best live, though. I thought it was funny how Fergie's mic was turned off a few times.

That is all.

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