It's been busy

We've been house hunting.
There was a baby blessing.
A few birthday party's.
A wedding.
Kelly came to visit.

So here are a few pictures for now.
Kelly and I
Coconut Lime Cupcake.
It was that good.
Trey Trey!
Adam Sandler called he says he wants his beak back.
I tried the crest 2 hour white express kit.
I saw some results.
Don't judge my teeth.
I attempted this.
Please note the swirly pattern.
I've been selling more Betsy Burlap Bags from my Etsy shop.
Go check it out.
You know you want one.

Our family.
Potty Training Update:
Pretty much done.
He tells us when he has to go.
He poops in the potty.
Although he had an accident last night.
Came running in our room "POTTY POTTY POTTY!"
I blame the late night rootbeer after our run through IKEA.
That is all.


capperson said...

Coconut Key lime cupcakes=YUM!!!!
And you and your family are adorable!

Jenae @ Wildflower said...

that cupcake looks so yummy!
and your right I do want one of those burlap bags, so freakin adorable! one day I will get one I promise!

Vanessa Goertzen said...

Okay, first of all, YAY for your swirl sewing!!! I am so proud that you tried it. (Did you see that my blog has a Show & Tell flickr button for you to show off when you use my tutorials?) And also yay for selling more of those amazing burlap bags. (It's no surprise.)
And finally, you look WAY good! I don't know if something is different, but you look like you are in great shape, your hair is amazing, and you JUST LOOK GOOD.

Anonymous said...

Possibly the most amazing blog that I read all year dresses with sleeves!?!

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