Oh Tuesday

I feel like I am sleep walking today.
Like the lights are on but nobody is home.
I slept GREAT last night, but the few nights before that were crappy.
So I guess I need to catch up eh?

Yesterday I decided I wanted flag garland.
It was super easy to make but I know what to do better next time.
Smaller bias tape (width wise), and bigger flags.
That's all it is if you are wondering how to make it.
Bias tape, and I cut out triangles.
This is pretty much my new favorite breakfast eva.
11 grams of protein and 9 grams of fiber?
Yes please.
Plus it tastes like a healthy version of cocoa pebbles.
I suck at taking out the trash.
Kevin does too.
So it looks like this for about 2 days before one of us caves and does it.
I am not kidding.
Every time it looks like this.
This mediocre post was brought to you by rosy cheeks.
And his homeless looking outfit.
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