Potty Partay

Potty training:
Week 1:
Not too bad.
  • Day 1: Stupidest idea I've ever had (no poop)
  • Day 2: Not as bad (no poop)
  • Day3: Not a single accident (no poop)
  • Day 4: Gets tricky, church. Pee's at church and at friends house.
  • Day 5: Craps in underwear a lot, not pee accidents
  • Day 6: Same
  • Day 7: 1 poop accident and 2 pee accidents

Geeze Louise!
This isn't easy.

He has gotten to the point where he will either say "Potty on lightning" or as he is peeing on the floor he's upset and running to the bathroom.

Every morning he wakes and says "Potty".
Only 2 night accidents.

There are times when I am so gosh darn proud of him.
And others, like now, where I could seriously throw in the towel.

But I feel like after a week I can't give up now.
Like, he knows too much.


Do I use pull ups or diapers at night?
Absolutely not.

What about when you leave the house?

I am a cold turkey kinda gal.


Kami @ Everyday Heaven said...

You are a brave brave woman! I was considering it, but have decided to wait for things to settle down after the baby comes.

Lori Killian said...

Oh boy. I am not looking forward to this stage. At least I can get advice from your blog.

mrsmonje said...

keep it up sister and great work!

Stef said...

Great job! i used pullups at night with all 3 of my boy for the first few months. Just to be safe, never during the day though.

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