walking & noodles & cake

I am in love with this spring weather.
It leads to a lot of outdoor activities.
I hate the heat, don't love the cold.
So spring and I get along just fine.
{Julie please not our fabulous wagon, thanks again}
Trey has discovered his "noodle".
Cody was too chubby so he never knew he even had one.
But Trey.
He goes for the gold as soon as the diaper is off.
He has the best hair this side of the Mississippi.
Today I made Key Lime Pie Cupcakes.
They were good.
I didn't love the frosting, which was whipping cream and powdered sugar.
I feel like cake requires a heavier frosting.
But that's just me.
Note to self:
Please look over your shoulder before breaking wind in public.
Turns out people can hear.
And are closer than you think.

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