Behold! Boxes!

My life is boxes.
No kidding.
This will be MY 12th move, in 6 years.

I am to the point where I am not even sure where to start....

Heaven help me!
But alas. This move should be the last for a while.
I have dreamed for years about how I would decorate.
What colors I could choose.
but now that my chance is here.
I am stumped!
I have no idea what I want.

You mean I can actually paint a wall?

No kidding?
Well see where I get with this.

Please go enter to win my burlap purse here.
Seriously, it's starting to hurt my feelings...
I thought you liked the purse?
Well whatever.

Happy Thursday!


Tyler & Katie Rice said...

sorry for my late sign up to win the bag. i do think its great. how do you know stewart and lindsey campbell?! I know stew from BYU (that rhymes).

Vanessa Goertzen said...

I love both of those rooms you posted pics of, especially the bedroom.

Kami @ Everyday Heaven said...

I am really excited to see how you decorate your new house. I live in a place where I can paint the walls and I seem to be stuck.

Where did you find the pictures of those beautiful rooms? I am in desperate need of some inspiration.

Sara said...

I am totally about to go enter the contest. That bad is just adorable and I need a new summer purse!

Elizabeth said...

A new fresh start is very exciting! I found your blog through Wild Flower. I have to say I love your header. HEHE!!!

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