I wish I had the guts to do this.
I think the bangs look great, and the red looks natural with my skin tone.

Who knows.
Maybe this fall or something.

I told myself when we bought the new house I would color my hair red.
That way, all the new people I would meet would have no idea I used to be blond.

But now I am not so sure.

In other news, since it is the sabath day.
Please listen to this talk.
You won't regret it.

Wish me luck on my lesson in relief society today.


White's said...

I love the red! You should totally do it! Maybe it will inspire you to know what colors to paint on YOUR walls!! That is right!! YOUR walls!! I am so pumped for you! I am excited for your lesson today, but very sad it will be your last....here....:0( Love you! And My vote is RED!! Why be like all the OtHER UtahANS!!! (blond blond blond)

Jenae @ Wildflower said...

OOO I say do it!! hair is hair and if ya don't like it you can always change it back! Good luck with you lesson! im sure you will do fantastic!

Jenae @ Wildflower said...

Great talk also!! Thanks for sharing :)

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