how to: convince people you aren't scary lookin...

I am a SAHM.
I pretty much always look mediocre-crap like.
Which is cool, because I am lazy like that.

But when I leave the house I need to look presentable.
Going to the store in Pj's is not an option.
Mascara is required.

I try to keep my makeup and hair routine pretty lax and natural.
That way you do see me in public looking crummy, you will be able to recognize me, and still have respect for me.

Have you ever seen someone you know when they weren't wearing make up and you hardly recognized them? I have. Many a times. And that is not me my friends.

Here is my routine...

Make up bag contains:

1. Vaseline (I rub under eyes, then wipe off to remove leftover eye makeup)
2.E.l.f. Concealer for $1 baby
3. Physians Formula mineral wear loose powder. (Thank you Kelsee)
4. Wet n Wild Blush.
Eye makeup includes, but is not limited to the following:

1. Mac eye shadow "Omega"
2. Mac eye shadow "Crystal Avalanche"
3. Mac eye shadow "Retro Spec"
4. E.l.f. Pencil Eyeliner in brown
5. Eye lash curler
6. Maybeline's full n soft mascara
7. Sonia kashuk brushes from target
8. Bath & Body Works lip gloss

1. Place concealer in your weak spots.
{dark under eyes, nose scar, occasional zit}
2. Dust entire face with mineral wear powder.
3. Apply blush to the "apples" of your cheeks.
I myself make the pucker face to know exactly where I want it.
4. I use an angle brush and my
Mac Omega eye shadow to fill in my brows.

5. Another small eye shadow brush to apply "crystal avalanche" right underneath my brows and in the corners of my eyes.
6. I then apply Retro spec from lid to the crease of my eye, then apply omega in the crease of my eyes only.
Blend with fingers.
7. Sometimes I wear eye liner, other times I skip it. When I do I apply only to the outter half of my upper lids, to keep it natural looking. Then I take my full n soft mascara and apply the first coat with the tip of the brush. Then I use 2 more coats and apply in a normal fashion.
8. I then apply my bath and body's work minty lip gloss. What reason? Just so I can lick it off on my way out the door. Seriously, it smells AND tastes good.
There you have it.

That is the only way I can convince people
I am not scary looking.

Stay tuned for a photo tutorial on messy waves.....


Kelsee said...

I love that powder! It is seriously the same thing as the Mineral Formula and it costs about a 1/3 of the price! Another great item I've found is a moisterizor called "Matte Finish" by Clean and Clear. It is a shine control, awesome and it also is like a primer for powder makeup and will last all day long! I am in love!

Steph and Dave said...

I am real excited for the messy waves tutorial! Trey is getting so big and handsome.

Brynne said...

You are so cute. :)

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