how to: get soft & mess waves {bringing sexy back}

I really prefer to keep my curls easy, and slightly messy.
That way if I take a nap, or not wash my hair for a day, they won't look a lot different.

You will need:
1 curling iron
(mine is an inch barrel, I wouldn't use a lot smaller)
hair spray
comb or brush
hair clip or hair tie
and dry hair.....
1. Dry hair. If you hair has a hard time holding curl I recomend
putting a mouse in before you dry it.
Personally I just let mine air dry...about 89% of the time..
2. Section off hair. I go bottom to top.
Yes, that's my natural color....it's very dark...
3. Take section of hair, I would say about an inch of hair,
hold it out and clamp curling iron down in the middle
of the section, not the root, not the tips, and proceed to curl away from the face.
on the middle and bottom of the hair I turn the barrel around 1 time,
so 1 curl in the middle of the section of hair, hold for a moment...
then pull curling iron down and out, curl should look something like this...
4. Continue to do all over the head, section by section
, curl by curl. This is meant to be quick, and not perfect.
I can do mine in about 8 minutes flat.
5. Hair should look like this when done.
Don't touch any of the curls til you are ALL DONE.
6. Spray a light mist of strong hold hair spray all over hair...
like so...
7. Once finished I run my hands through all the curls. Messy as possible...
8. Also I use a scrunching action....
9. And you are done! You should have soft, wave like curls.
Any questions?

1 comment:

Jenae @ Wildflower said...

Wowzers! love the curls! I think i need to try this curling technique..Awesome tutorial!! Thanks chica! :)

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