how to: make homemade baby food

Here is my step by step tutorial on how I make
homemade baby food.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, and this is what works for us, please check with your doctor before you start your baby on solids.

I strictly started making baby food for money reasons. I knew it was a lot cheaper to make your own and saving money is everything to me. Who wants to spend money on baby food when I could have extra money to go on a date with my husband?

After my very first batch I had a taste of the food. It was delicious! Have you ever tried jar baby food? It's not that yummy. I watched Trey gobble down bite after bite and want more and more. I was hooked. I vowed to never buy jar food again. I think he has only had 2-3 jars in his life.

1. Go to the store and pick out what fruit or veggie you would like for your baby. Trey happens to love sweet potatoes. I bought 6 very large potatoes.

2. Wash each sweet potato well.
3. Peel each sweet potato completely clean.
4. Cut your sweet potato into small pieces,
the smaller the pieces the quicker they will steam.
I chop mine into longer skinnier pieces.
You can cube but that is just more cutting.
5. Place all pieces into a large pot.
7. When all potato's are chopped place pot on burner and turn it to medium high heat. I added 5 cups of water, for 6 large sweet potatoes. I am not "boiling" I am steaming them. You want as little water as possible left over. Boiling will leave all the nutrients left in the water.
8. Place lid on the pot and let it come to a boil. At this point I stir the potato's and turn the burner down to low. My pot was completely full and took about an hour to steam completely. I am sure you could turn the heat up and have it go faster but I was in no hurry.
9. Once steamed I pour all potato's into a blender (a food processor works great too) and blend perfectly smooth.
10. Once blended you will now pour potato mush into ice cub trays. Do this neatly, you don't want each cube over flowing.
The cleaner you pour the easier it will come out later on.
11. Don't look to me as an example for proper pouring. I was all over the place.
11. Place all trays in the freezer.
You can stack them but it's harder to break apart later.
12. Once frozen I pop all my "cubes" out and place in a gallon size freezer baggy.
And there you have it.
That is how I make homemade baby food.
If you have anymore questions you can go to this site
it was very informative, and simple to read.


Stew and Lindsey Campbell said...

Whoa! I'm so glad you did this how-to, it looks easy and manageable!! I'm SO going to make my own baby food! Just need to buy more ice cube trays and make room in my freezer! Thanks!!!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

cool! i am going to def do that for the next baby since jax is already on real "what we are already having for dinner" food. you made it look super easy!!!

Vanessa Goertzen said...

That is awesome. I need to do it ASAP.

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