I SPY {the best stuff ever}

Ashley @ LMM is hosting another I Spy link party.
She throw's THE BEST parties ever.

I SPY {Shoes & Jewelry}

1. Down East Basics
2. Aeropostale
3. Cents Of Style
1. Plato's Closet
2. Plato's Closet
3. Vintage Wanna Bee
Let's be real.
This is my favorite ring ever.
1. Cents of Style (turqoise)
2. Present from Mom
3. Charolette Russe (yellow)
4. Target
5. I can't remember? (hoops)
1. Target.
1. Plato's Closet (yellow)
2. Naughty Monkey @ D.I.
3. Bakers (an arm and a leg)
4. Wet Seal 1.99!
Reasonably Worn Daily:
1. Dansko's from Nordstroms
2. Target flats
3. Roxy flip flops from D.I.
And there you have it.


Brittany said...

What the heck!? I LOVE Naughty Monkey shoes! And you found those at DI? Amazing! What size are you again? If you don't want them anymore... or need to sell... you know where to find me :) wink wink :)

Karina Wetzel said...

Love your Jewelry and Outfit post :)!! You are definately a trify shopper :)
Congrats on the new home!That is so exciting!!! I'm still waiting for my turn.. so for now I live in Taylorsville (Not far from you) Fun Fun!! are you a member of the Utah bloggers meet up? If not you should totally be part of it! I would love to meet you in person.. you sound so fun!

++:Jessy~G:++ said...

I have those rainboots from Target (Yes I said it in my head with a french accent!)

I just wish they were much more comfortable. I need to put some plush lining in it or something! Can't deny they're super cute though!

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