Regrowth & Such

Did you know I cut hair?
It's true.
Although I went to Boise Barber College, not cosmetology school.
At the time it was a quick easy version, but now I wish I'd gone to cosmo school.

Any who.
Did you know that roots aka regrowth is in?
I bet you did.
and I bet you think I am slow in the style category.....
I want to hate them.
I really do.
But some can really pull it off!

But sometimes I feel like
"Wow, if roots are cool, then why can't chipped fingernail polish be?"
If you can't beat em.
Join em!

I've been thinking about just letting my hair go lately.
Just don't touch the color or cut for 6 months, and see how long I can last....
I couldn't help but think of the fabulous Adam Sandler...

"If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis!"

1 comment:

mstalcup said...

I had no idea that Roots were in! I'm finally "trendy" HA! I wait as long as possible before getting my roots touched up! BTW, your comment about chipped fingernail polish made me laugh OUT LOUD.

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